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Vietnam, a country of 4000 year civilizations warmly welcomes you. Located in the central part of Southeast - Asia in the Northeast of Indochinese peninsula, Vietnam is a community of 54 the ethnic groups that live over the territory, from the highland to the plains, from the deltas to the coastal areas.

The attraction of Vietnam comes from specifically tropical climate and landscapes, together with the Vietnamese people's character, which has given unforgettable memory to visitors.

In additon, folk festivals enhance the fascination and eastern charming, which is sought by foreign visitors because of its gradual disappearance during the urbanization even in some neighbouring countries.

The diversity of nature and peoples from the South to the North makes wide variety of regional specialities. enjoying them, visitors will perceive the romantic, subtle distinction from Vietnam.

Low cost and price of living, wide range of services here help a substantial trip reachable to most visitors. Your travelling dream will easily come true, it's quite up to just your plan.

Vietnam, with its new open policy now, its exquisitely beautiful scenery, its years of glorious history, and its long-standing culture is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world.

Come to Vietnam and explore its unique beauty!


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