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ngoc ha temple
Ngoc Ha Temple was named after an old village, Ngoc Ha camp, one of 13 camp in the West of Thang Long (the old capital of Vietnam) formed in Ly Dynasty "Huyen Thien Hac De" deity is worshipped in this temple. Ngoc ha Temple was built to satisfy the customary religious need of worshipping a village deity and also a place for community meeting.
Until now no documents concerning the temple's establishment have been found. However, people in the village know that the temple was built a long time ago and as the original structure was destroyed, the present is a replacement.

The date written on the temple shows that it was restored in the 10th Thanh Thai Year (1899). By investigating relics and records kept in the temple, it is estimated that the temple was built at the end of Le Dynasty and be repaired many times in Nguyen Dynasty.

The Ngoc Ha Temple
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Today, we still can see its general architectural structure with ancient features such as gables, roof edges which were in the form of flying dragons and clouds. Many items of altar decoration of great artistic value are kept carefully in the temple. Besides being an architectural heritage, Ngoc Ha temple is also a historical site of anti-French activities in the late 19th century, even the August 1945 revolution and resistance war against the French from 1946 to 1954.
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